Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of the @Play team to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working
environment for all those employed in the area of Children and Young People’s
Services, those who assist in its @Play in the woods functioning and members of the
public using the resources. Safe systems of working will be used and the
organisation will keep under continual review all practice and procedures which affect
the health, safety and welfare of those involved.
This will be achieved by:
 Ensuring that Health and Safety matters are given full and proper treatment.
 Providing the resources needed to meet the requirements of the Policy.
 Clearly defining responsibilities for Health and Safety.
 Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, maintaining up to date
knowledge of current and pending legislation, Codes of Practice and other
developments as they apply to the projects operations.
 Provide appropriate information, training, instruction and supervision.
 Assessing the potential hazards/risks benefit of all practices and operations
(including substances) and providing and maintaining appropriate controls
and safe systems of work.
 Providing appropriate facilities to safeguard the health and welfare of those
using the projects and those working for it.
 Encouraging, through proper communication, consultation and debate, the
co-operation and involvement of all, in achieving the Project’s Health and
Safety Policy.