Have you ever thought about having an birthday party in the woods?

Our parties run all year round, in all weathers and run from our beautiful woodland.

Our birthday parties are for everyone. (toddlers, boys, girls, teenagers or mixed groups and even adults)

  • Go wild in the woods.

    Play a woodland version of a hide and seek, build woodland shelters, get camouflaged up and move silently through the woods. We will make a fire, test your dens by throwing a bucket of water over it with you inside and finish of by eating delicious marsh mallows.

  • Find the treasure!

    Get ready to go on an adventurous treasure hunt through our magical woodlands, you’ll have to follow trail to find the prize before heading back for marshmallows around an open fire. Lots of free play and use of our playground area + mud kitchen.

  • Woodland magic.

    Follow the magic trails of fairy dust to lead you to the magical home of the woodland spirits. Then you’ll make magic potions and your own magic wand to ward off any “non believers” if we have time build magical fairy or elf houses before your marshmallows cooked over the fire!


Bespoke parties are tailor-made to create a magical experience and to match your child’s interests. working together we can plan a party around a chosen theme. Bespoke parties can be more flexible on time and can include more food and drink etc. contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

We have done Dino parties, Kings and Queens parties and we have had lots of others.



We have the ability to run 3 slots a day;

Morning – Afternoon – Evening


For a 2 and half hour party for up to 10 children

£200 minimum charge (even under 10 children)

A maximum of 20 children and 10 adults, unless children are

under 6 yrs old, then the maximum is 15 children with one adult per child

£13 each extra child.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We ask one adult for every 7 children to remain with the group if children are over 6 years old – adults always end up enjoying themselves as much as the children! For under fives we would expect a parent to stay with each child.

    • Arrive at the site with all the children and the cake, please ask all guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before your party time.
    • you can supply your party bags. (Good ideas for gifts have been compasses and whistles. Twig pencils and wooden toys.)

All birthday parties are facilitated by an experienced, fun-loving At Play leader!

Both children and grown-ups should wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions and environment. Layered clothing is best for warmth and flexibility. Footwear should be sturdy such as trainers or hiking boots. Wellies are ok but are harder to run in, and feet can get cold. Long trousers are essential for protecting legs. Thermal socks, gloves and hats are also good ideas and waterproofs for rain and mud. In warmer weather consider sun cream and sun hats. Spare clothes are a good idea as well as a bag to put dirty clothes in for the homeward journey.

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