Growing up should be fun!

First thing we are always asked is where are you? Our main ancient woodland is, Brickyard Wood, Brockley Lane, Chelvey, BS48 4AH

(Click to link to google maps) We are surrounded by Post-medieval fields. We like to call it our hidden gem.

Teen party in woods

Playing is integral to children’s enjoyment of their lives, their health and their development.

Children and young people whatever their age, culture, ethnicity or social and economic background, need and want to play, indoors and outdoors, in whatever way they can. Through playing, children are creating their own culture, developing their abilities, exploring their creativity and learning about themselves, other people and the world around them.

We’re all about making opportunities…

“At Play In The Woods is a Forest School, working hard to improve the opportunities for children to take part in outdoor actives and help schools get involved in outdoor play and education. We also deliver great birthday parties”.

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Our philosophy is to inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences and provide them with an opportunity to appreciate the natural world to encourage responsibility for nature conservation in later life.