Equal Opportunit

Equal Opportunity Policy


Learning and Play:  At Play In the Woods


Declaration of Intent


Learning and Play, we are committed to a policy of equality of opportunity, and will strive to ensure, both in its capacity as a service provider and employer, that it does not discriminate against any person on the basis of their race, class, colour, nationality, viable or invisible disability.

Learning and Play in the woods will also challenge discrimination by volunteers themselves whether it be direct or indirect.

I am committed in providing safe play environments for children and young people in my care and will take every reasonable action to protect these children and young people form situation that could harm them.




  • To ensure the staff and service uses, develop an understanding of the reasons for and the effects of discrimination.
  • To increase awareness within the organisation of the needs of minority groups in order to provide more relevant services.
  • To establish better links with groups of people experiencing discrimination.
  • To introduce equal opportunities dimension in all current and proposed ventures.
  • To ensure that all staff receive relevant training on equal opportunities, Play workers Against Racism and Everyone Can Play for example.
  • To ensure that no member of staff or user of the service suffer discrimination.
  • To ensure that the premises and equipment within the @Play project is accessible to staff and users.
  • To ensure the active involvement of members of minority groups at all levels of the project i.e. staff, service users.




  • The Manager and the office staff together will be responsible for the re-appraising the Equal Opportunities Policy each year.
  • Staff will be actively encouraged to attend training courses in order to enable them to develop anti- discriminatory practice.
  • Training for volunteers will be organised to enable all to develop anti-discriminatory practice.

  • Better links will be established with members of minority groups living locally in order that more relevant services can be developed.


  • Better links will be established with specialist voluntary organisations, representing the interests of minority groups.


Monitoring and Review


@Play will regularly review its practices with regard to management and service delivery in light of the policy.