You choose the time, pick out of our two locations and amount of sessions to run, so the scope of time commitment is up to you. If you are a parent, you are always welcome to take your child/s to sessions (for free!) when you lead.
Your training will take place in our wonderful woodland with trained Forest School Leaders and Play Leaders.

What can I earn as a At Play Leader?
Leaders can earn as much as you put in to it. Leaders can choose to run multiple sessions each day, to maximize income but this is not needed.

New Leader Certification;
There is a payment of £25 upfront fee required to become a fully certified At Play leader. This will cover your insurance and certificate.

We will make a significant investment in preparing and equipping new leaders to deliver the highest possible quality experience to families in their communities. You are able to use our stock of equipment. This includes providing a set of high-quality teaching materials that leaders use season after season, and offering ongoing coaching and support. We deduct 15% from a leader’s earned compensation in each of their successful seasons to cover costs.

As long as a leader continues to run successful classes, we provides them with all necessary materials, ongoing training, mentorship, marketing and enrollment support, coverage of any site fees, insurance, and a high touch leader support team—all at no additional cost.

When can I start?
New leaders are asked to join us at 6 sessions ran from our woodland to gain your leader certificate. The 6th session will be ran 100% by you as a test.

Great, how do I get started?
Click the “Apply Now” button on this page to fill out our online application. A member of our team will review your application within 58 hours and then reach out to you to walk you through the next steps. There is no commitment needed to apply.

We know leading is not a fit for everyone, but everyone knows someone who would make a great At Play leader. Share the opportunity with them!