Accident and Emergency Procedures


Accident Procedure

  1. Check individual concerned
  2. Ask what has happened and make an assessment. Refer to emergency procedure here if necessary
  3. Administer first aid is necessary
  4. Phone parents using work mobile to inform them if necessary
  5. If parents are not phoned, children or young people are asked to inform parents of the accident that occurred
  6. Report accident in accident book and revise risk assessment if relevant


Emergency Procedure


  1. Check individual concerned
  2. Adults establish what has happened and make an accurate assessment.
  3. One adult calls emergency services and parents using work mobile, whilst other tends to the casualty
  4. Session is stopped
  5. Office is called and informed
  6. Review with parents and doctors what has happened
  7. Accident is written up in accident and emergency book
  8. Accident is discussed with office in supervision and activity and risk assessment is changed accordingly to minimise risk in future


Risk Assessments


Risk assessments, for all activities are carried out before sessions and signed by the Sam. If a specific activity risk level is above ten then the activity has to be discussed and cleared with the all users.