Wild Camping weekend

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    Thank you for your interest in our wild camping weekend.

    You are welcome to come along to our wonderful woodland and set up camp for the weekend. Sleep over night and enjoy sharing ideas and tip/tricks with other bush-crafter's and wild campers.

    The motto of green wild camping says all there is ; “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.” Essentially, it’s all about leaving as little trace as possible that you’ve been at the site and as such, have no lasting impact on the environment.

    The woodland is a just over 1 hectare. Please don't think your going to be miles away from anyone else. We do have sawdust loo's on site and water. We have two main site fire pits. All other fires must be agreed by a member of the At Play in The Woods team. You will be welcome to cook on the main fire at any time.

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  • 1 = Friday 1 pm till Saturday afternoon (£10);
    2 = Saturday 9 am till Sunday 4 pm(£15);
    3 = Friday 1 pm till Sunday 4 pm (£28);
    You are welcome to come along anytime within your booking.
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  • The woods are kept in a natural state. There are hazards in the woods; fallen trees, sharp objects, trip hazards, holes and pools of water. There are also hazards in the activities in which you may/will take part including fire and using knives or other tools. You are responsible at all times for your own safety. We will give you important information in safety briefings about the woodland on your arrival. Then you are on your own to set up your camp. You are responsible for following instructions and listening to safety briefings and remain responsible for the safety of yourself. We will not be liable for any damage, cost or expenses arising from your attendance. Photos will be taken please let us know if you do not wish any of yourself to go on the website or are Facebook page. By signing below and taking part you accept there are risks and that you remain responsible for the safety of yourself : "I am aware that we will be taking part in woodland based activities and with those activities, comes an element of risk at my own risk. The At Play In The Woods team will be taking photos and running the main site fire." "I understand that the completion of this form reserves my place on the event and that my booking is not complete until the At Play In The Woods team has contacted me to confirm my place and payment has been made in full".