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Come join the fun any age welcome !
Bring a water bottle, spare clothes and something to eat. Please also have a copy of your ticket ready to show.
After parking your car and walking to the site, we will start with an introduction and safety brief.

Then our guide will send you off to look for wood to light the fire, grab a bucket as we may need loads.

Once we have enough they will demonstrate how to light a fire. Its really easy, can they light it first time do you think? Once lit it’s down to cooking, we will show you how to cook something using a billy can, cook something in the embers of a fire and cook something on a stick, all under the directions of qualified instructors.
Show how to make the fire safe when you have finished with it, including extinguishing the fire and making the area where it was safe.

Free play will be encouraged with plenty of pace to explore.


Booking is advised and we recommend 1 adult to 3 children.


15 available
Unlimited available