Summer Holiday Stay & Play

We provide a scene of adventure and exciting activities for all ages, all in a wonderful woodland.

We encourage supervised child-led play  it’s one of the best ways we can guarantee a fun-filled adventure.

Each session will inspire and encourage the children. Activities include den building, campfires, team games, outdoor play and more.

Our objectives is to : HAVE FUN

Children are able to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe and managed way and have a go at activities that help them explore nature, learn new skills and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

At least one adult must stay with  max of 3 children.

All ages welcome please let us know how old your child is, so that we can plan. Everyday will be suitable for any age.

Summer is here!!

Book now online its as easy as 1,2,3

1: Have a look at our dates and times.

Every Morning session will start with a wood collection, involve lighting a fire and roasting a marshmallow.

Every Afternoon session will start with a wood collection to keep the fire going, having a go at lighting a fire and roasting a marshmallow. Finish with putting the fire out.

Both sessions will have activities that everyone will be able to take part in.

Morning 10 am till 12:30 pm –  Afternoon  1:30 pm till 4 pm

All dates go-ahead no matter what the weather.


2:  Pay for the number of sessions you would like to come along to. Then come back to this page and fill in number 3 and that’s all.

Play & Stay August Summer Holidays 2018

3: Come back after paying and fill in your booking form.

Event Booking

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  • A session is a morning or afternoon.
    eg, a whole day = 2
    or 5 mornings would be: 5 days x 1 session = 5 sessions.
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  • £10 per child per session.
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  • The woods are kept in a natural state. There are hazards in the woods; fallen trees, sharp objects, trip hazards, holes and pools of water. There are also hazards in the activities in which you will take part including fire and using knives or other tools. We will help you manage those risks by giving you important information in safety briefings about the woods and the activities. However, accidents do happen. The likelihood of being injured is reduced by following all safety instructions carefully and by your child only using tools whilst supervised. You are responsible for following instructions and listening to safety briefings and remain responsible for the safety of yourself and any child you accompany. We will not be liable for any damage, cost or expenses arising from your attendance except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any act or omission constituting our negligence. I understand photos may be taken during mine & my child’s attendance, which could be used in Play in the woods press releases, website blogs, social media, or in other displays. By signing below and taking part you accept there are risks and that you remain responsible for the safety of yourself and your child: I am aware that we will be taking part in woodland based activities and with those activities, comes an element of risk. The At Play In The Woods team will ensure that this risk will always be appropriate to the age and abilities of the attendees and the rules put in place are to protect all parties. I am responsible for my child at all times throughout the session and I am happy for them to participate and will ensure they follow the rules set out. If I am not the parent or legal guardian of the child, I have the permission of the parent / guardian to for them to take part. I am happy for photos to be taken of myself and my child during the At Play In The Woods sessions and give my permission for them to be displayed on the At Play In The Woods page and website. I understand that the completion of this form reserves my place on the event and that my booking is not complete until the At Play In The Woods team has contacted me to confirm my place and payment has been made in full. I am happy for the At Play In The Woods team to contact me regarding other events and news. Your contact information will not be shared with any other parties.
  • Name & Age of Children, any medical info we may need to know.

The best way for children to spend their school holidays!

Children should wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions and environment (i.e. woodland, mud). Layered clothing is best for warmth and flexibility. Footwear should be sturdy such as trainers or hiking boots.  Wellies are ok but are harder to run in and feet can get cold. Long trousers are important for protecting legs. Thermal socks, gloves and hats are also good ideas and waterproofs for rain and mud.  In warmer weather consider sun cream and sun hats. Spare clothes are a good idea as well as a bag to put mucky clothes in for the homeward journey.

Holiday sessions TOS