Fire Guidelines and Rules Policy

Fire Guidelines and Rules


  • Up to the Leader to decide if fire play is appropriate dependant on each individual situation
  • Activity is risk/benefit assessed before hand and cleared with fire department.
  • Leader has to consider wind speed initially to determine if fires are safe to do so.
  • No more than one fire per adult in the group (an adult has to supervise the activity continuously to the end)
  • Safety parameters and boundaries are set from the outset. If children are mis-behaving there is a warning then fires will be extinguished.
  • Once a stick goes on, it is not to be taken off.
  • At least 5 litres of water is to be kept around each fire
  • Once activity is finished adult clears fires up safely modelling good fire management
  • If under 8’s are involved a disclaimer will need to be signed for par taking in the activity
  • No more than 8 children per fire
  • Fires to be done on rough ground and not too near fences, cars and at lest 3 meters away from trees.
  • Be considerate in regards to wind direction and neighbouring houses.